“I Was Desperate to Improve My Hair Condition”

“The whole hair loss situation started when I had my first baby, now 31 years ago. My hair changed quality, and I became more and more desperate with its condition. My hair was so thin I could see my scalp. I believed that this was the way it was going to stay for the rest of my life.” 

 “Years back, I was also told that my hair follicles were blocked because of hair styling products. I have since tried a lot of products. Everything from strong vitamin B to different hair shampoos and oil products. Nothing happened! ”

“Everything changed when my sister recommended I try Hair Volume. My sister is a shop assistant in a health food store. She told me the customers come back again and again to buy these hair tablets and they say that they cannot live without them; so my sister thought they were worth trying.” 

“Thin hair seems to run in my family, so it feels so fantastic that now I have to have a haircut every month. The last time I went to my hairdresser, my stylist said, ‘Tell me what have you done to your hair. It feels stronger and in much better condition.’“

“My hair is an important part of my self-confidence and now looks be er than ever thanks to the Hair Volume™ tablets.”, says Tina with a wide smile on her face.

Thicker, beautiful and shiny hair

Hair Volume™ is a clinically proven hair tablet that gives a visibly thicker, more beautiful and shiny hair. Hair Volume™ is based on apple extract in combination with millet, horsetail, amino acids, biotic, zinc and copper. The tablet gives nutrients to the scalp and hair follicle where the hair is formed. The content of zinc and biotin help maintain normal hair and normal skin. Zinc also contributes to maintain normal nails. Copper contributes to a normal pigmentation of the hair.

The New Nordic Philosophy of hair

Your hair health starts from within your body. Your hair reflects the state of your nutrition, hormone balance, and the way you treat your hair from outside with damaging hair products. The hair philosophy of New Nordic is to help you supplement your hair follicles with ingredients that travel in your blood to target the hair follicles, where they can stimulate and support the normal hair growth. In addition to Hair Volume™ tablets and gummies, we also recommend Hair Volume™ hair care products from our Beauty In & Out range for an instant beauty effect.

Amazing clinical results

While the growth cycle of hair is long and can take from 3 to 6 years to complete, you don’t have to wait forever to see results when taking Hair Volume™. Our “Gold Standard” clinically tested Hair Volume™ formula confirmed in the 2018 Paris study, shows that hair will grow thicker and denser in just 2 months’ time. Nine out of 10 of the participants felt their hair was more beautiful than before, and 7 out of ten reported their hair feeling stronger after using Hair Volume™.

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Take care of your hair both from the inside & out

New Nordic has developed a shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and shine serum in the Hair Volume™ beauty range. Beauty supplements work from the inside in harmony with your body by reaching the living cells that cosmetic creams can’t reach from the outside. The new haircare range has an instant e ffect that works in synergy with the internal Hair Volume™ tablets for optimal results. The haircare series is suitable for all hair types and can be used by both men and women of all ages.

The Hair Volume™ haircare range is free of parabens, silicone, sulphate, mineral oils, phthalates, PEG, PPG, DEA and TEA

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